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GetLitt downloads high quality targeted public documents from websites around the world, publishing the results online immediately.

With any process that is entirely automated, there is room for error. This is where we need your help!

We need you to help GetLitt to really take off. You can help us by:
Introducing the GetLitt Reward Program

Brownie points are a fun way we reward our users for contributing to the accuracy and growth of the GetLitt platform. By contributing to the accuracy of the platform, adding new documents and document sources, referrals and social shares we add Brownie Points to your account once the recommendation has been verified and approved. You can accumulate points and redeem them for additional services as needed or to towards monthly fees if you have a premium plan.

It's that simple!

When you are logged in to your GetLitt account there are two places that allow you to contribute. In the top menu, there is a RECOMMEND button. Here you can recommend a single document, a URL with multiple documents or simply suggest a subject that is not populated sufficiently. If you notice a specific document title or subtitle, or other data is incorrect, there is an SUGGEST CHANGE button underneath the document image. Enter the correct information and submit.

Check out our FAQ's for more specific details about our brownie points reward program.